Married Again

Me and she kissing at sunset.
Me and she kissing at sunset.

So I got married for the third time this past weekend. It was the third time for both of us. I won’t get in to what happened before. I’m not going to speak on her behalf, and it’s not really anyone’s business why I’ve been to divorce court twice. I get along with both exes, and #2 actually supplied the camera for this time around.

My new wife’s name is Candy. She is a former chef and registered nurse. And an ex-cheerleader, which I find amusing. In high school, I was often told I’d never land a cheerleader. But I was not chasing cheerleaders. I just wanted to date someone interesting.

About six months after my divorce, I got on the dating site Plenty of Fish. POF has been the source of much kvetching between me and some female friends. My friends have the usual complaints women have: lots of married dudes whose wives didn’t know they were single. My complaint? Women who didn’t read my profile and women who started their bios with a laundry list of faults men had. One woman demanded that men say something other than “Hi.” I went to introduce myself and discovered she wanted me to write a novel. Your loss, lady. I spotted Candy, thought her profile looked interesting, and said, “Hi.” See the photo above. This is what “Hi” will get you.

It’s been an interesting couple of years with lots of ups and downs. But my girl said if she wanted to get married again, it had to be on a beach. Lake Erie was close enough to my family and close enough to us for her family to travel. Her cousin would be the maid of honor. My brother would be best man. Only, in that crisis-generating way only weddings can happen, my brother got stuck in traffic. I quickly said to one of her sons, “You’re the best man” and pressed the ring in his hand. His face absolutely lit up, and I knew that was the best possible outcome for that crisis. Best of all, my brother arrived in time to see Candy and I exchange vows.

Life with Candy has already been an adventure. She’s the reasonĀ Holland Bay is in New York, and she’s encouraged me in everything I do. She is already my partner in everything.


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