The Children of Amargosa – Now On Clayborn Press

The Children of AmargosaIt has been rereleased. The Children of Amargosa is now with Clayborn Press. While there are three (technically four) novellas before it, we are starting with Children both to give Clayborn’s editor a baseline for continuity and because it is easily the most popular instrallment of the Compact Universe.

JT Austin and Davra Andraste are teenagers who find themselves in the midst of an alien invasion on distant Amargosa. Cut off from humanity and on their own, they fight separate battles to cross a continent and meet up with the human resistance.

The Children of Amargosa is Book 1 of the Amargosa Arc (also called The Amargosa Trilogy). Book 2, Second Wave, remains available independently and will fall under the Clayborn Press umbrella in December. The third book, Storming Amargosa is expected to be released in April of next year.