Taking A Break

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From about 2014 to now, I’ve been working almost constantly on the Compact Universe. As of right now, two story arcs, a prequel, and 2/3 of the Amargosa Trilogy are complete. All of the final arc stories have been or are in beta, and I’ve reread Storming Amargosa twice now.

My brain is tired.

I’m still working on a detective novel, but I’ve decided to pause on revisions of existing work. With Storming, the series has hit a logical stopping point. I’m about to go on vacation in a couple of weeks, which means I have to stop whatever I’m working on anyway. And frankly, my brain needs some downtime.

So what will I do if I’m not rereading my own work and doing revisions? Read.

Over the last two years, I’ve struggled to find time to read for reading’s sake. I’ve been reading Leviathan Wakes, the first Expanse novel, and it’s taken me months to get through it. It used to be I could get through a book that long in a week or two. I just need to let my brain decompress.

We take vacations from our jobs. Academics take sabbaticals. The idea is to stop and recharge the batteries. Why should writers not do the same?

2 thoughts on “Taking A Break”

  1. Thomas,
    Before I was a “fulltime” author, I was an applied mathematician. I worked about 16 hours per day, almost never taking a break. Now that I’m an author, and a pantser at that, I make it a rule to never write unless I’m at my computer. That way I can live my life without thinking about my characters. However, I still have the problem of, as a pantser, needing to do most of my writing as editing. Also, can’t find time to read, so many other things to do. And I used to love reading. But every time I read someone else’s work, I cringe at all the mistakes they make and can’t get into their stories. We do write for ourselves mostly, so the work of others may be disappointing since major agents and editors seem to want what they think readers want–which is formulaic.

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