Storming Amargosa Update – Where Trip Tucker Gets All Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

demolition a building
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The new outline is finished, assuming I don’t have to go back and rewrite the last two chapters. (Stupid One Drive not syncing up!) So as of Sunday morning, Storming Amargosa is making another trip across the keyboard. I’m still using scenes from the last draft, but already, the first scene has had major revisions.

The scene, which has the novella characters of Leitman and Germanicus have a God vs. Devil moment (Think Job, with humanity as Job), is a massive info dump at the beginning. Since Leitman is the series’s resident weasel – Well, the biggest one, anyway – I wrote it from his POV. There are a couple of things that are referenced directly in conversation that could be info dumpy, but it’s a sarcastic moment for Germanicus, who has had 500 years to learn the secrets of the Snark Side. I use it to tease out some changes actually hinted at in No Marigolds. It’s fun making your resident dick squirm a bit. But what a waste of good tequila. (Um… spoiler alert?)

The outline has some added scenes, some taken out. I decided that the first two thirds of the book will have one POV character per chapter, starting with Davra. Only fitting. She is the first person we meet in The Children of Amargosa. There are scenes from other characters’ POV. But these are interludes or scenes inserted into the chapter to break things up and show what’s going on elsewhere.

I’m faced with the possibility that this is going to be a longer book than I anticipated. At the same time, it’s going to be a better book. It has to wrap up not just the Amargosa Trilogy, but the series as well. Even if I continue it at a later date, there has to be a stopping point.