Storming Amargosa – In Which Starbuck Realizes Her Viper Is A Tardis

Dumpster fireSo this is the week, I’m starting a complete rewrite of Storming Amargosa. So just send it across the keyboard again. Right?

Well, no. Basically, I have a big box of Legos I have to rearrange. Some I may have to throw out, and I may have to put in new pieces. First, I have to figure out what Legos I have. That means outlining the current draft scene-by-scene.

Then rearranging them, tossing out the ones that don’t work and inserting new ones that make things flow better. And then we have inconsistent scenes, characters that just pop up out of nowhere, but the reader is supposed to pick up on who they are. It doesn’t happen, but one appeared to start out as an alien Gelt and became human. That didn’t happen, but it looked like it.

So I’m riffing this week while I spend my lunch hours cataloging the current draft. I suspect it’ll take a week, probably two.

I feel bad for my eventual betas.