No Marigolds Update – In Which Padme Realizes Nabooish Princesses Are Attracted To Money And Power, And Vader Has Both, And She Knows It

No Marigolds in the Promised LandI may get this done before Halloween! No, seriously!

It’ll need a lot of revision, which is good news if you’re a newsletter subscriber. If not, go here and fix that.

Anyway, I need to stretch this out for about 20 days so that the events at the beginning of The Children of Amargosa will have started. Farno has had some close calls but, by Mark Watney standards, is living in the lap of luxury. That’s going to end. Remember, someone has blown up this planet, and they’ve been back once already.

So what is next? I need to get this book consistent. I need to make sure the expanded POVs away from Barsoom work right. ANd I need to make sure I’m not spoiling the rest of the series. And beyond that, I have three novellas and the last of the Amragosa Trilogy to outline and complete.

For you, this means you’ll get cleaner drafts for the next year or so. After that? Maybe I’ll do a new serialized novella.