No Marigolds Update – In Which Lorca Brings Balance To The Force Just To Piss Off The Cylons And Annoy The Thirteenth Doctor

It is finished. Well, as of this writing, I still have a couple of happily ever after scenes to bang out. It’s Friday afternoon right now, so I’ll probably park myself in a Starbucks and finish before going to an engagement.

And yet it is not finished, even by the time you read this. There are inconsistencies that need to be addressed, spoilers to be purged. And even the formatting changes from day-to-day, one of the dangers of publishing on the fly.

But this monster is done. John Farno has met his fate, and he has setup the Compact Universe, even revealing a few things about some later characters we didn’t know. So the new chapters you see here will flow more smoothly.

It checks in at 37 chapters, so it will be next October before you see the end. And then I plan to spoil Amargosa 3.


Or maybe you get to see something no one else does after next fall. Either way, the new novella will likely be finished before I serialize it.

It’s going to be great. Believe me. Bigly.

For now, here’s the song that gave this thing it’s title: Steely Dan’s “King of the World.”