No Marigolds Update – In Which Gary Mitchell Travels To Dagobah For Some Gumbo And Some Hot Cylon Action

No Marigolds in the Promised LandGetting into the home stretch. As this is Compact Universe #0, I need to set up some aspects of the series we see later. Without spoiling it. Sunday morning, I found myself visiting Fleet Admiral Tran, the Navy Chief of Staff who’s been getting some bad press from… Well… Me. So why’s he such an ass? And who’s this creepy major hanging around him all the time. So this morning, I visited Fleet Admiral Tran without Burke or any of the others who have had run ins with him. And he has a migraine. It’s name is Major Liu. Why’s this guy a major in a Navy uniform.

I also am creating complications for John Farno, the entire reason for this tale. He is, after all, the one who started all this by camping out during his world’s apocalypse. He’s had to improvise a nuclear bomb to keep those who destroyed the colony.

Here’s the issue now: I have a rescue mission in progress, but it’s slow going. I have complications back home making it slower. The problem now is timing. This story parallels the first three novellas. Farno’s predicament begins as Kai and Tishla are dealing with the mysterious Marq. A month in, Gilead, Hanar to those who’ve read Tishla, has gone silent. I can’t really get Farno back to civilization until Amargosa falls or is in the process of falling.