My Workload

Jim Carrey typing in Bruce Almighty

It occurs to me that this has been the busiest year writing for me in a long, long time. This year, I wrote Storming Amargosa first as a screenplay, then as the rough draft to a novel. Then I began writing the follow-up to Holland Bay, which went over the transom in February. The new novel is being written as episodes to give me time to prep for the next project. I rewrote Quantonesia as The Amortals, Book 1 of the forthcoming Gathering Storm Arc. Somewhere in there, I revised Second Wave twice before releasing it. Now I’m on Gathering Storm Book 2, The Exile. Book 3, Flight Blade, and a serialized novella remain along with finishing the sequel to Holland Bay.

Yikes! And I got married somewhere in all that!

I may leave The Exile at home, depending on where I am with the story come Sunday. If it looks like I can wrap it up by Labor Day, there’s no reason to disrupt my honeymoon when I should be spending time with my lovely bride.

But is this the pace I want to maintain going forward?

Not really.

Next year’s agenda is modest. There’s a new Nick Kepler I want to write, and it’s probably going to get lots of input from Nick’s new #1 fan, my wife. There is a Compact Universe prequel called Down the Rabbit Hole I want to send to an agent and maybe over the transom somewhere. And I plan to start Holland Bay #3. I said start it. Three novels in one year when your main writing time is before work is insane.

But sanity has never appeared in my skill set on my