A Couple Announcements

A couple of things happening.

The Children of Amargosa

The Amargosa Trilogy

The Amargosa Trilogy is going to get all spiffified and expanded ahead of a box set later this year. This will begin with The Children of Amargosa, which will disappear in July and reemerge in August. The box set will debut in November. Children and Second Wave will have additional material added.

By the time this happens, I hope to announce news about a new arc. But look for a new, improved Amargosa Trilogy starting in August.




EditingTS Hottle Editing

I’ve hung out my editing shingle. TS Hottle Editing is open for business. I will be doing line and copy editing for science fiction, crime fiction, corporate material, and some non-fiction. No politics please. Additionally, while not (yet) on the web site, I am willing to do a professional beta read. Check out the site or email me at editor@tshottleediting.com for details.