The Roots Of War – Now Available!

The Roots of WarThe Magic Root has been repackaged and renamed by Clayborn press. It is now The Roots of War. Same story. Kai and Tishla are conned by the mysterious alien Marq with a potato. What starts as a solution to a famine soon leads to an invasion of a “rogue colony” Kai finds not so rogue. The ensuing conflict between Kai and Warrior general Laral Jorl leads to the events of The Children of Amargosa.

The Compact Universe books are now being packaged in “Arcs” (Amargosa will still be a trilogy, with a bonus novella coming next year.) The Roots of WarThe Marilynists, and Gimme Shelter will now make up The Seeds of War Arc.

The Roots of War is available now as a Kindle exclusive.