Storming Amargosa Update – In Which The Red Sparrow Completes His Journey To The Dark Side Without Violating The Prime Directive

Oscar Madison from the Odd Couple typing

I thought it was the end. Really I did. But one of my resistance cells decided to get all talky and go on and on. And then life happened over the weekend. Argh!

Had to go back and rewrite it without giving the whole backstory about the missing nukes. Go buy The Marilynists if you want to read that part. I was so excited. The scenes were accelerating. Space battles ensued. We are careening toward the climax. And then someone calls a war council. Stupid characters.


I wanted to spend the week riffing! I wanted to go back to the Holland Bay sequel next week. I need to start work on The Amortals. Waaah!!!

So I’m slogging through. I’ve killed off one of the villains. He was kind of annoying anyway. Now I have to end this thing. The final showdown.

Maybe this week. I have two days off.