Storming Amargosa Update – In Which Scotty Reverses The Polarity During The Kessel Run

Wall construction

At first, it seemed like I was just rearranging scenes. Copy, paste, tweak for new continuity. And then I found myself writing new scenes.

With each of the “meddling kids” getting their own chapter, I find themes emerging that need to be stoked. Davra is saddled with a Gelt prisoner she has to care for and escort. JT is torn between loyalty to the Compact and anger over what happened to Amargosa. Yuwono must pretend to be one of Kray’s crazy militia. Duffy is… Hard to write. Based on an earlier character I wrote, he’s never been, in any iteration, a character prone to POV scenes. My fifth character is struggling between being a teenaged girl and being a guerrilla leader of three different species.

The result is my earlier belief this would be a fast rewrite is out the window. I probably will be spending the rest of the summer working on this.