Storming Amargosa Update: In Which Kaylee Remembers The Cant and Reverses The Polarity

Billy Crustal typing in Throw Mama from the Train
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Among the tasks transforming Storming Amargosa from a screenplay to a novel completed last week:

  • Finished dividing the remaining scenes of Act III into chapters.
  • Spotted a talky scene in which I will have to put Tishla in the pool. (That girl really had a lot on her mind.)
  • Realized I put a scene in the wrong chapter. POV scene – montage – POV scene. The first one was in the previous chapter, where it made no sense.
  • Already seeing some scenes that may need to be deleted. One of the purposes of this book is not only to tie up the storylines in The Children of Amargosa and Second Wave, but the rest of the series as well. But I can’t resolve them all. Tishla’s story is an obvious one, as is that of the Challenger and of Admirals Burke and Austin. But there are more in the prior novellas, including the three in the pipeline now.

I have two bachelor nights coming up next week. I plan to do a writing sprint one night with a buddy whose hot into a new series. The next night, I plan to squeeze in writing between chores. With any luck, I’ll have this into a full-fledged draft by the end of next week.

Then it’s back to the crime novel.