Storming Amargosa Update: In Which Bortas Takes A Whiz In The Mycelium Network And Hits Kylo Ren In His Meditation Chamber

Dictation using wax cylinder phonographI have added a complete novel, about 40,000 words, to the original Storming Amargosa manuscript. Of the back chapters, only one scene remains, a scene between JT and Quan. The rest I outlined all over again. I didn’t like the original ending. The outline I liked, but the execution left a bit to be desired. Including an execution near the end.

So now it’s all original new scenes.


As I close in on a new ending, I also realize that a lot of stuff will have to be cut back out. The political situation back on Earth, while fun to write, probably will bore the hell out of the reader. The “retroacts,” a term I lifted from Neal Asher’s work, help resolve one of the novella subplots.

But a lot of the work will be in reorganizing this beast. Having to resolve multiple plotlines with multiple points of view might require taking a Netflix approach. I may break this up into ten-thirteen long chapters that function like episodes on Netflix or HBO. I plan to do this with the follow up to Holland Bay so I have a more complete novel in the can when that one sells.

But for now, I’m not done making a mess of this.