Storming Amargosa – Take Three

Paper head
CC 2010 Drew Coffman

I recently did two read-throughs of the final Amargosa novel, Storming Amargosa. 104,000 words, and I’ve already said this was going to be a mess. A great big glorious mess!

But how to handle it?

Well, kids, looks like it’s going to have to make another trip across the keyboard. I knew it would have an expanded number of POV characters, but like all large-cast stories, this one got out of control. I needed to wrap up the Germanicus and Leitman storylines from the novellas. What is Leitman really doing? Who is Germanicus, and is he really as dangerous as he seems?

The Best storyline, started in The Marilynists and soon to be expanded in The Amortals, also requires a wrap-up. The current novel gives him a resolution that impacts the Amargosa Trilogy.

The novel needs to focus, though, on the meddling kids – Davra and JT, who have been the main POV characters in the trilogy, along with Eric Yuwono. Duffy is one I have a hard time getting into his head. And Ellie? Well, she had a bad night during Second Wave, so that might be a tad difficult.

So the non-Amargosan scenes may have to be done dramatic third person and used to break up long sections of from the kids’ POV.

It’ll be tricky and take up my whole summer. But it needs to be done.