Storming Amargosa – In Which the Magicky Cloak Turns Kewl Colurs

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147,000 words.

And it needs another draft.


As the battle scenes got unwieldy, I realized I put too much into the story. On the other hand, I now have 147,000 words to choose from to cut. I’m thinking about 57,000 have to go, and not necessarily the new ones. But there’s a lot of extra stuff in here. Some can be broken out into their own stories. I now know why Juno started the war with the Gelt, and I know why Germanicus wants it liberated. And Douglas Best’s story wraps up in this. But I can introduce most of this now that I know what happens.

This also makes it complicated when I go into (hopefully) the last draft before the betas get it. My target length is 70-90K, and like this draft, much of the existing material will need rewritten as I go. But as of this writing,¬†Storming Amargosa¬†will be released in May of next year. Eventually, I’m going to have to let this go.

To that end, the next draft will consist of three main points of view: JT and Davra, as with the previous novels, and Laral Farad, the new overlord on Amargosa.

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