Second Wave Arrives!

Second Wave by TS HottleToday marks the debut of Second Wave, Book 2 of The Amargosa Trilogy.

A starship has fallen from the sky in the attempt to retake Amargosa. JT Austin, Davra Andraste, and Eric Yuwono defy orders to join Suicide on her mission to reach the starship, now sitting in the ocean. They find themselves marching across a continent with four veterans from the Compact’s Polygamy Wars. From the other side. Now they’re with the resistance, and Davra must watch herself as some of them haven’t stopped fighting the old war during this new one.

As they cross the continent, they discover the wildlife isn’t as wild as they thought, not every ally is human, and not every enemy is Gelt. It’s a life or death struggle that will see them scattered as they face the Gelt, a renegade human warlord, and an intelligence no one suspected.

“Get used to turning pages—Hottle starts with a literal bang and doesn’t let up. This is YA military scifi as it should be.” R.A. McCandless, author of the Flames of Perdition series

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