Royal Orders Debuts!

Royal OrdersRoyal  Orders  is  live!

The Kindle version is available this morning with the paperback to follow.

Mitsuko Yamato is the chief of security for the Compact’s only sitting monarch. When King Edward comes to Earth to visit the Compact Assembly, someone tries to blow him up. Mitsuko takes that personally and goes looking for the terrorists responsible.

Her search leads her to an affable, reluctant guru named Master Ansel, founder of Cubism. Ansel expresses dismay that a man named Kurz has perverted his peaceful philosophy into a violent holy war. To catch this man, she will have to travel to the sultry world of Aphrodite with Ansel’s most faithful follower: Suicide.

Together, they confront Kurz in a battle that will stretch across two planets, unleash an ancient technology on an unsuspecting Compact, and summon the other Children of Amargosa. The final showdown will come to a fiery end atop Aphrodite’s highest and most sacred mountain.

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You can also catch the live launch event Monday, August 8 at 7 PM with a live AMA on the Minioncast at 8. I will also be following comments on Twitter @tshottle and on the event page on Facebook.