Rerelease, Sale, and New Story

Good morning!

No Marigolds in the Promised LandNo Marigolds in the Promised Land is out!

Again. New cover and fresh line edit.

The Kindle version dropped yesterday. I’m working on the paperback. If enough people speak up (Psst! There’s a comments section below!), I’ll do a hardcover.

No Marigolds is the first of several planned rereleases. I will do the Amargosa Trilogy later this year and a box set in (hopefully) January.

For now, the Kindle edition is 99 cents. I’ll be doing a giveaway once the paperback is ready. (And maybe someone will get my hardcover proof if it happens!)

Check out No Marigolds in the Promised Land now!



CheckmateCheckmate, however, is on sale for 99 cents in Kindle format starting today!

Checkmate is the latest novel in the Suicide Arc. In it, JT Austin is now in the Navy and assigned to take a homeworld’s new king, his shipmate, back to Bonaparte to take the throne. Not only does Edward Windsor, or Ed the foul-mouthed commander from the ship’s spec force contingent, not want to go, an unknown enemy seizes their ship and starts slaughtering the crew. JT must fake their deaths, hide in the debris of a sister ship, and cut a deal with their erstwhile enemies, the Gelt, to get to safety. But it doesn’t end there. There’s a traitor in their midst, and JT suspects the culprit is in Edward’s inner circle.


I also have a new story, a bridge between Checkmate and the forthcoming Royal Orders, due out in August. Called Winter Games, it’s a bridge between the two books. Winter Games deals with some of the fallout from Checkmate and brings JT to the point where he can deal with it in Royal Orders. It also shows more of Ellie Nardino in her post-Amargosa Trilogy life as a “mech whisperer,” willing prey for sapient lycanths, and JT’s housemate for a particularly cold dry season on Amargosa’s Central Plains. It features mean lycanths, wayward bots, and kaiju. Yes, one of our heroes has to deal with kaiju. Because a planetary survey somehow missed the twenty-meter high predators wandering a potential new colony, along with flying basketball-sized spiders. (Okay, spider analogs, but… Ew!)

“So, TS, where can I read about alien predators, lycanths getting all tribal, wayward intelligent farm equipment, and a couple getting snowed in for two weeks?”

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