No Marigolds Update – In Which Commander Quark Takes Out The Avenger And Joins The Browncoats

No Marigolds in the Promised LandThe end is near. If I’m lucky, I’ll have finished No Marigolds in the Promised Land by the time you read this.


I think I’ve stretched this out enough that it fits the timeline of the rest of the series. I’ve also laid a few eggs for later in the series. For starters, I’ve revealed more about trillionaire Tol Germanicus and made him more mysterious.

Currently, I’m sketching the next three novellas. Actually, four. There is I plan to call Among Wolves that reveals the fate of one of the characters who disappears in Second Wave. Unfortunately, it manages to spoil the final Amargosa Trilogy novel, Storming Amargosa, before I even write the outline. So it will be a companion novella to the last novel. And in the omnibus edition that will come out, it will bookend the three novels with Gimme Shelter at the beginning.

As for No Marigolds, it means cleaner drafts once I do revisions, and a more cohesive whole book for download for the new subscribers. I’m still only going to add a chapter as they are published, and I will make a modified version available for all subscribers when Marigolds is revised.

So what happens when Marigolds is all published?

It’ll get combined with a Compact Universe omnibus. In the meantime, I may serialize Among Wolves. Hey, why not make spoiling Storming Amargosa a privilege? It’s an idea. It depends on what I want to do beyond the Amargosa Trilogy.