NaNo Update – In Which Will Robinson Discovers The Robot Is Actually A Terminator

Robot writingAs of this weekend, the manuscript is up to 54,000 words. Most of it has been from the previous drafts, some of it adjusted for (or back to) a POV. As it gets later in the story, I find myself writing more new scenes to make the story flow. Most of this has been from Davra’s POV, which underscores a problem I had with the previous drafts. Amargosa is largely JT and Davra’s story, and in this one, she does not have nearly as much to do.

I’m also seeing where I’m going to have to go back and cut. My usual method is to let a story lay fallow for a couple months, then go back. But that’s not an option here. My goal is to get the new story built, cleaned up, and off to betas after the first of the year. The fact is Storming can no longer be permitted to take up the amount of space it has. I have one crime story to revise, and two more to get into either outline form or production. I want to get Suicide’s story going in the first month of next year. And I’ve got too much real-world life going on at the moment.

And let’s be honest. I started the Amargosa trilogy 2014 and releasing it in 2015. Frankly, kids, I’m tired.