Gimme Shelter Returns

Finally, you can get the entire Seeds of War arc on Kindle.

Gimme Shelter is now available from Clayborn Press.

JT Austin is the consummate spoiled rich brat, stealing his mother’s vehicles and luring unsuspecting young women to orbital resorts. That is until his father, an admiral, intervenes and has him arrested. JT’s life is going to be very different from here on out. They’re sending him to military school. Or so they think.

Instead, JT runs away, hoping to go to Tian, humanity’s wealthiest planet. A prank, however, leaves him stranded on Amargosa, about as far from humanity’s center as one can get without leaving the Compact. Soon, he is in the sights of a lovely farmer’s daughter, a local constable who wants to be a war hero once again…

And an alien invasion no one suspects.

Gimme Shelter is Book 3 of the Seeds of War Arc as well as the prelude to The Children of Amargosa.