Friday Flashback: Saturn 3

The early1980s brought us a lot of classic science fiction. The Empire Strikes BackFlash GordonSuperman 2.

And then there’s this embarrassment. I’m assuming Harvey Kietel, Kirk Douglas, and Farrah Fawcett had mortgage payments while they waited for better scripts.

1 thought on “Friday Flashback: Saturn 3”

  1. This was a head trip where people pondered what would happen if the beloved good robots of Star Wars all became meth heads and decided to act like frat-guy Vikings with Dad’s Visa and favorite sword. I’m sure it sounded great in a focus group, over expensive liquor. The execution, however…

    The 78 people who saw it in theaters mostly pondered the lack of nudity (half came for that) and the $4.25 they spent on the matinee.

    On the plus side: the robot looked “good” in a functional, “actually does robot stuff” sense.

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