Flight Blade Update – Introducing Rick Sanchez As The Fourteenth Doctor

Billy Crustal typing in Throw Mama from the Train
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Yet another novella is drawing to a close. I have only one or two scenes left to write. Then it’s the serial to go with Storming Amargosa.

Which brings up a problem. My original ending is now part of Storming Amargosa. So now I need a new ending. That’s the tricky part. Originally, it was supposed to be Tomle and Mitsuko riding off separately to Amargosa in the liberation effort. Well…

Storming starts well before the invasion, which means my two junior officers will be sitting around twiddling their thumbs on Hanar, waiting for Tishla and the Compact to cozy up and kick some Laral family ass.

So how do you end a story about two junior officers who end up at the staging ground for the grand finale of the series?

I don’t know. Yet. I’ll have probably thought of something by the time you read this.