Flight Blade Update: In Which The Cylons Admit They Had No Plan And Pretty Much Winged It

Billy Crustal typing in Throw Mama from the Train
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Tishla. Every time Tishla comes into a story, I end up spending three days, especially if a certain human character is involved.

Yes, I got my kids to Hanar, formerly Gilead, and we find out what happened to JT and Suicide after Second Wave. This novella is going to blend the rest of the series into the Amargosa Trilogy. Like Gimme Shelter to The Children of Amargosa and Tishla to Second WaveFlight Blade will serve as a prelude to Storming Amargosa. I didn’t plan it that way, but it worked out that way.

I’m expecting two more weeks before I wrap this up. I decided to go ahead and draft Among Wolves, the short novella I plan to serialize when Storming is due out. Then I can concentrate on the rest of my projects.

And frankly, I want this series done. This has been a busy four years for me writing-wise, and I really can’t give everything the attention it needs. Back in 2015, someone told me that you needed to put out a lot of short work in a hurry. The landscape shifted since I first published The First One’s Free/Before Amargosa/The Seeds of War. Now I’m finishing up Amargosa and its accompanying arcs to get the entire story told. I know there’s more, both in the history of the Compact and beyond the liberation of Amargosa. But I need to get back to traditional publishing. Break’s over. Time to get serious again.