Down the Rabbit Hole

Wormhole travelThis past weekend, I finally got the outline up to the last chapter of a Compact Universe prequel called Down the Rabbit Hole. It’s a tale of workers in the Kuiper Belt falling into the first known stable wormhole. None of the physics make any sense. There’s no singularity to explain it. And the trick is finding their way back.

Outlining a book is hardly telling the story. I know the events and how they go, but there is more. For starters, two of the characters have names I’m not happy with. One I think I may have picked up from Dilbert without realizing it. The other one just sounds stupid. Says the guy who came up with a cult to Marilyn Monroe as an established religion.

But I have a game plan now. So when Jim Winter finishes writing Kepler #5, I can jump into this thing. Best of all, I’m not on a deadline with either one of these books.