Compact Universe Update

The Compact Universe

So it’s been a while since I had any news on the Compact Universe. Oh, I’ve talked about doing revisions, and there will more of that. Lots more. But I also stopped doing rereleases so Clayborne Press could release the Jim Winter novels. I brought back the original three Nick Kepler novels with the standalone caper Road Rules on deck. That all ends in early May. In June, we start moving the rest of the existing Compact Universe to Clayborne Press, starting with Broken Skies. In September, we’ll come release all three of the next novellas in the Home Front Omnibus (with the Nick Kepler shorts and Gypsy’s Kiss also rereleased that month.) October will see Second Wave revamped and rereleased.

In November, I’ll release the first new Compact Universe novella in a while. The Amortals, Book 1 of the Gathering Storm Arc, picks up Douglas Best’s story after The Marilynists and delves into Tol Germanicus’s role in human history. The Exile, Book 2, depicts Rosc’s adventures after being sent to Ramcat to recruit settlers for Tishla. Flight Blade, Book 3, is a lower decks-type story that eventually shows what happened to JT and Suicide after the events of Second Wave, as well as giving readers a sneak peak at the events of Storming Amargosa.

Here now is the revised release schedule.

June – Broken Skies

July – Warped

August – Tishla

September – The Homefront Arc Omnibus

October – Second Wave (Book 2 of the Amargosa Trilogy)

November – The Amortals (Book 1 of the Gathering Storm Arc)

December – The Exile (Book 2 of the Gathering Storm Arc)

January, 2019 – Flight Blade (Book 3 of the Gathering Storm Arc)

February – The Gathering Storm Omnibus

March – Storming Amargosa