Among Wolves Update – In Which Starbuck And Starbuck Go To Tim Horton’s. Your Argument Is Invalid.

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CC 2010 Drew Coffman

So supposedly, I was going to write this one in 14 days. There is a character who eventually becomes known as Chapaan, a Gelt goddess with a lurid backstory, but is known by another name in The Children of Amargosa and Second Wave. This character forms a resistance force composed of scattered humans in the north and disgruntled Gelt, both Warrior and civilian. They have some unusual allies whose presence changes everyone’s assumptions about Amargosa.

I’ve written here before how life often gets in the way of writing. We had a health scare (Not me. I just need to lay off the sweets.) that involved four days at two different hospitals. Suffice it to say we’re not big fans of one of Cincinnati’s major hospital chains and big fans of another that I actually have some history with. It was touch and go, and the adventures of one teenage girl turned rebel leader in the wilderness did not seem all that important last week.

Now that I’m back into it, I’m finding the individual chapters are taking longer than I expected. My original plan was to bang out a chapter a day and run it over fourteen days. I also originally planned to start this on Black Friday, have it done last week, and put on my Jim Winter hat to finish the follow-up to Holland Bay. G’wan, ask me how well that worked.

It’s okay, though. The crime novel really needs my full attention. I do have to tighten up the chapters a bit, but I do not want this to turn this into a novel like No Marigolds became. I don’t even want this running more than a couple of months. This is supposed to be a companion novella to Storming Amargosa, so those who don’t read it will be shocked when the meddling kids meet Chapaan and realize who she is.