Among Wolves – In Which Sam Beckett Leaps Into Number Six On The Eve Of The Destruction Of The Colonies. Oh, Boy!

Workaholic writerThis weekend, I finished the first round of revisions on Among Wolves, the serial I plan to run ahead of the Storming Amargosa release next year. One unpublished novella is now waiting to be shipped to Clayborne Press in the fall, and the other two are ready for beta. In fact, one is with them already.

All that remains for this series is to do another massive revision on Storming, a second pass to make sure it all works, then beta reads. And that, my friends, closes this chapter of the Compact Universe for now. It’s kind of strange. I’ve been working on this series since 2014. I’ve struggled with marketing it, mainly because getting to conventions is not an option for me. Also, I had sudden cause to resurrect Jim Winter last year and need to focus on that for a time. But I’m not done with science fiction or the Compact Universe just yet. I have two shorts making rounds, and I am about to start prep work on a prequel novel called Down the Rabbit Hole. I may continue the stories of JT, Davra, Tishla, and Best by writing short stories and novellas to appear elsewhere. And why not?

But even the novellas taking place elsewhere in the Compact are all part of a greater Amargosa arc. One Amargosa is liberated, it’s time to let this field lay fallow. In the meantime, I’m building a wiki. You can look through the beginnings of it by starting here.