Storming Amargosa Update- Introducing Jaleel “Urkel” White As The Fourteenth Doctor

Hunter S Thompson
CC 2005 Steve Anderson

Ha! You thought this was going to be another Flight Blade update. Well, I am still working on that, but my project in revision is Storming Amargosa. And let me tell you, is it a mess.

One of the things that alarmed me about this book was its length, only about 60,000 words. Turns out that, when I converted this from screenplay, I omitted an entire chapter. Oh, it’s there, just not in the master draft. Also, there are a handful of scenes from the screenplay draft that have gone missing, such as Davra and Yuwono escaping the forces of EVIL only to get separated. Spoiler alert: At least two of those scenes are missing.

Other things are cropping up: Dialog-heavy scenes, characters disappearing for long periods of time like Gendry on Game of Thrones, bits of screenplay description and direction still in the draft.

But I also have come to realize over the past two novellas that I’ve been making this promise of some confrontation between Leitman and another character named Tol Germanicus. They are nowhere in this story as everything takes place either on Amargosa or Hanar. While I’m not going to end the conflict between the two in this story, I do need them to butt heads. Otherwise, the series will end with readers saying, “WTF, dude? What happens with them?”

Storming is a bit sprawling as it has four main POV characters. One of those, I just dance around, letting other characters around her tell the tale.

Ugh. At least I have 10 months before I have to turn this in. Which is good. Because I need to do one last pass on The Amortals and transcribe The Exile long before this comes out.

And then there’s all that Jim Winter stuff I have to take out of mothballs.