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Gimme Shelter

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Gimme Shelter

Compact Universe #3

About This Book

Amargosa. Not the center of humanity. Not even close. An earthlike world, it’s sole purpose is to feed Mars and a half dozen other core worlds of the Compact. It is here JT Austin runs away, hoping to reach Tian, the cultural and economic center of humanity. Detoured to Amargosa, he instead finds himself living on a farm under a local constable’s suspicion and in the sights of a pretty farmer’s daughter. It’s away from the gilded cage he escaped, but it’s not quite where he wants to be.

Lucius Kray is a local constable and a war veteran. Kray longs for his glory days in the Compact’s Polygamy Wars. Instead, he finds himself keeping the peace between Amargosan farmers and lamenting the choices of local ales. Along comes Marcus Leitman, who deduces Kray’s desire to form his own militia to fight some unseen enemy. All Kray has to do is turn a blind eye to locals planting Leitman’s unlicensed GMO.

Kray soon learns that he is in the line of fire of an alien enemy yet to reveal itself. So is JT, but where Kray sees opportunity, JT is unaware of just how much his whole world is about to be up-ended again.

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