The Children of Amargosa
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The Children of Amargosa

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The Children of Amargosa

Amargosa Trilogy #1

About This Book

JT Austin and Davra Andraste, two teenagers living separate, quiet lives on remote Amargosa, find themselves fighting for survival when an alien force seizes the agrarian colony. Hunted and cut off from the rest of humanity, they each fight their way across the plains, dodging ground troops, wild animals, and even a nuclear blast to join the resistance. Before they meet, they learn they have another enemy who is all too human.

“Grabs you by the throat from Page One and doesn’t stop.” – Athena Grayson, author of the Huntress of the Star Empire series

“Hottle clearly understands how to start a great story with a bang. He keeps the main engines on full until the very last page.” – Scott McGlasson, Administrator of Space Opera and Space Opera: Writers

“This book is non-stop action that takes the reader on a relentless roller coaster ride, but where it really shines is in the character development. The teen characters and their main adult ally are such well-developed individuals, they are almost like real-life acquaintances.” – Jennette Marie Powell, author of the Saturn Society series