Zewan was a Gelt physician and settler on Hanar. In 429 IE, he served as one of two personal physicians to First Citizen Lattus Tishla.

Zewan served as the Laral family‘s personal physician since Umish was a child. However, he elected to stay on Hanar as Tishla’s Gelt doctor. Zewan discovered that Tishla’s unborn twins had been infected with a bioweapon and concluded that, while the shooter had to be human, the real killer was Gelt since he knew Tishla’s physiology.

With a week, Tishla began to miscarry. He attempted to move the twins to stasis to control the spread of the infection. Tishla’s son was born severely infected, his skin red. His sister, however, emerged relatively healthy and made it into stasis.

Appearances: Tishla