Vesta June Jovann

Vesta Jovann, also known as June Jovann, was Chancelloress of Metis as of 430 IE. She held the office in 432 when Metis ultimately seceded from the Compact. She recommended secession after witnessing evidence presidential chief of staff Jez Salamacis murdered the previous Sovereign of the Realm, prolonging the war with the Realm by three years. Governor Douglas Best of Amargosa and Chief Administrator John Farno of Farigha also recommended secession to their governments.

Jovann’s sisters were Diana, leader of the resistance on Amargosa, and Athena Jovann, a former Assistant Compact Attorney, special envoy, and governor-general of Amargosa.

In 434, Vesta and her surviving sisters accepted an invitation to the wedding of King Edward of Bonaparte and Mitsuko Yamato.


Originally, the character was named “June” but was changed to Vesta for an upcoming rerelease of Storming Amargosa. However, because Suicide Run was recently published, the name was left in flux.

Appearances: Storming AmargosaSuicide Run