Astronomical Name: unknown

Class: Class-E

Radius: unknown

Mass: unknown

Satellites: unknown

Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen

Population: unknown


Political Information:

Polity: The Realm

Status: Homeworld

Government: Hereditary monarchy with ruling inner council


The Throneworld is both the name and purpose of the Gelt‘s adopted homeworld. Few humans have seen it. Until 429 IE, the Compact remained unaware of both it and the Realm. The planet serves as the seat of power for a deified monarch known as the Sovereign, with a ruling inner council referred to as the Seat of Supremacy (also the name of the Sovereign’s throne.)

Around 120, the Gelt’s homeworld of Melekan suffered a series of catastrophes brought about by its final global war and a series of industrial, biological, and combat accidents occurring within a turn (roughly a month in human terms.) The Gelt had been scattered throughout the stars in a growing interstellar empire, but its fragmented homeworld became a toxic ruin. No Gelt could set foot on it without dying instantly. Humans had visited it once in 430 and needed heavy protection to walk on the surface. The heir to the last named Sovereign, Devold, who died during the planet’s extinction, took a settlement, declared it the Throneworld, and founded the modern Realm there.


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