The Roots of War

The Roots of WarThe Roots of War is the second story in the Compact Universe series and the first novella of the Seeds of War Arc.

Lattus Kai and his concunbine, Tishla, run Essenar, a colony where Gelt food doesn’t grow. As the food shortages grow into riots, a “hew-man” named Marq offers a solution: A potato.

Only when that stops working, he suggests more drastic measures. With the backing of an ambitious general, Kai opts to take two “rogue” colonies. Only he discovers they’re not quite so rogue.

Nor are the humans there going quietly.

Arc:   The Seeds of War (Book 1)

Preceded by:   No Marigolds in the Promised Land

Followed by:    The Marilynists

Published by Clayborn Press