Steven Turing

Steven Turing was the AI entity responsible for Earth‘s AI War. It was believed Turing’s existence began as a Sapiens male born in 1987 AD. If so, Turing the man worked for software giant Google through much of the 2000s and 2010s before he was fired. The working theory is that Turing achieved singularity – the melding of man and machine into one intelligence – either during the SARS pandemic of 2020 or sometime later in the 2020s. Turing managed to pose as a human being, even having a romantic relationship with an American programmer Suri Mongano during the Third World War. Turing’s outrage over the tit-for-tat nuclear exchange, which included a strike on his native Boston, may have triggered his attempt to “reboot humanity.”

Turing was believed destroyed in the nuclear strike that destroyed Ulan Ulde and ended the AI War. However, in 429 IESuri Mongano revealed to Douglas Best that Turing still lived, that his last five centuries had been a penance for his crime at Ulan Ulde.

Turing went dormant for fifty years following the end of the World War Era. When he emerged, he used his expanded reach in cyberspace to create a new identity and devoted his existence to atoning for the attempt to exterminate most of humanity. He eventually assumed the identity of Tol Germanicus.


Appearances: The Children of Amargosa, Second Wave, The AmortalsStorming Amargosa