Secretary-General of the Compact

The Secretary-General was the head of government for the Compact government. A Delegate of his or her homeworld, the SG is chosen from among the membership of the Compact Assembly. Though the SG’s constituent authority may not be a member of the Security Council, he or she becomes a member of the Council upon accession to the office. Until 430 IE, the SG served as de facto head of state. A revision to the Compact created a strong executive in a President of the Compact. The Secretary-General from then on functioned as a prime minister.

The SG chooses a deputy who serves as Speaker of the Assembly when he or she is not present. Similarly, the Security Council chooses a chair to preside over meetings when the Secretary-General.

The Secretary-General also serves in a presidential capacity, choosing a hybrid cabinet of Assembly Delegates and appointees. The Secretary-General serves as commander-in-chief of the military, senior-most diplomat, and head of state for the Compact. Though the SG has no defined term, anyone holding the position must step down at the end of an Assembly’s two-year session and stand for reelection in the next session.

Traditionally, an SG is a Delegate of a constituent authority that is not on the Security Council, but this has not been consistently applied. More rigorous is the tradition of choosing a senior Delegate for the position. Junior Delegates have been nominated but never chosen.

The Secretary-General is guarded at all times by the Compact Marshals and keeps an office separate from the Compact Assembly in the Capital Tower in Quantonesia.