Sakimoto (died 434 IE) was an aged Household Guard trooper from Bonaparte whose service stretched back to King Jiang and Queen Qihong. He also served in the Marines and Special Forces. In 434, while serving in House Yamato’s Chrysanthemum Guard, he was elevated to Compact-level service to Navy Special Forces. He served under Mitsuko Yamato. During the raid on Gerard Kurz‘s encampment, Mitsuko and Sr. CPO Washington polled the platoon about the raid. Sakimoto voted against it, but told the commander and the NCOIC he owed them an honest opinion since no one in command had ever asked him.

Before the mission, Sakimoto took a payoff from Jez Salamacis abduct Mitsuko and turn her over to Jez. Once Kurz had kidnapped Mitsuko, he met two ALF fighters and offered to reward them with weapons and supplies for Mitsuko’s safe return in Sumat. The couple, Patchi and Keernith Rajani, believed Sakimoto to be retrieving Mitsuko for her safe return. In reality, he would turn his former commander over to Salamacis to be rendered into medical samples as she had received permanent rejuvenation by Thulian rejuvenation treatment.

Taken into custody aboard the CNV Jack Swigert, he defied Mitsuko Yamato’s accusations, believing Juno would rescue him. Instead, Mitsuko shot in him the forehead in a Section 11 execution.


Appearances: Royal Orders