Richard Byrd University

Richard Byrd University was the largest university in Antarctica. Located in Chillangarov, it was a major research center into amortality and rejuvenation technology. It had been the center of amortality research since first contact with Sapiens‘s long-lost cousins, the Orags, three centuries before the Realm War. Suri Mongano, already a long-time rejuvenation patient, became the first Sapiens to successfully undergo “cellular replacement therapy.” As of 429 IE, Mongano was the third oldest Sapiens alive and the oldest woman of that species of human. Another patient, Gene Klament, nearly died from the therapy and was saved after transport to Gohem for more intense treatment. Klament functioned largely off the radar upon his return to Sapiens space during the Earth-Mars War, which resulted in the founding of the Compact.

Appearances: The Amortals