Chief Partlow (Household Guard rank Gunnery Sergeant) Partlow served as Mitsuko Yamato‘s NCOIC in 432 IE. During the Liberation of Amargosa, he was Edward Windsor’s Marine NCOIC. He transferred to Mitsuko’s unit and followed her to the Household Guards when Mitsuko became engaged to Windsor. Despite the army-style ranks and Naval promotion to lieutenant commander, Partlow referred to Mitsuko as “LT,” which her troops would commonly call her if they served with her early in her career.

He took part in the effort to liberate Jayne Best from Juno when she was abducted on Walton. He was aboard the local aircraft with Mitsuko, JT Austin, and Suicide when it was shot down over Walton’s District 19. As they headed toward Bennaville, Partlow neutralized a local shooter menacing the team. He also found the path leading to the dead soldier’s vehicle.

They took the abandoned vehicle into Bennaville, passing through a village on the outskirts. There, they spotted several instances of the symbol for Juno, including clothing worn by the few locals they spotted. They headed for Koch Medical Center, the only functioning hospital outside of Samueltown, as it was the likeliest place where Jayne Best would be held. They attacked the entrance, facing audreys and local soldiers. Drawing first blood, the audreys went into a feeding frenzy and ate the soldiers defending the hospital. This allowed them to neutralize enough plants to enter the lobby. The penetrated the facility but were captured by Jez Salamacis.

While Suicide was interrogated by Salamacis, Partlow escaped. He met up with Suicide, who escaped as well, and located Jayne Best. Surgeons working for Juno attempted to drain her of bone marrow. They killed one surgeon, wounded a second, and destroyed a backup clone of Salamacis. Jayne was able to leave with them. In her weakened condition, she needed support.

Partlow and Suicide held off a squad of security types until JT and Mitsuko emerged from their own captivity to neutralize them. Despite a serious wound to his side, JT supported Jayne as they left the building. They escaped to the border of District 19 and nearly ran out of ammunition while awaiting extraction. The Goldeneye appeared as they used their last rounds.

Partlow was named for science fiction author Rick Partlow.


Appearances: Suicide Run