Nobu Katsumato

Nobu Katsumato was a human separatist on Hanar. He refused to even negotiate with the regime led by Lattus Tishla. In 430 IE, he led an ambush that resulted in the abduction of Admirals Eileen Burke and Quentin Austin. However, when the full might Hanarian forces and Compact Navy fighters on strafing runs appeared, Nobu fled deeper into the woods while the other separatists agreed to negotiate.

Katsumato threw a grenade into a training exercise JT Austin helped lead, maiming a local Gelt Warrior and killing a Compact Marine overseeing the session. He fled into the woods but was apprehended by Austin, who nearly beat him to death. Both were arrested, but whereas Tishla released Austin, Katsumato was subdued by Prefect Trevor Colt after attacking one of the jail’s servers.

Flight Blade