Malcolm Russell

Malcolm Russel was an agent of Juno and part of Marcus Leitman‘s inner circle. He traveled to Amargosa just as Laral Farad took charge to remind him of deals made by his family with Juno. When Laral rejected his claims, Russell also reminded him that Lucius Kray remained a viable alternative for Juno’s plans.

Leitman had originally intended for Russell to undertake the suicide mission to assassinate the new Sovereign of the Realm. However, Jez Salamacis begged for the honor, wanting to be a sacrifice to Leitman, whom she thought of as a god. Instead, Russell would go to Hanar to sabotage talks between Tol Germanicus and Douglas Best. Prior to his departure, Leitman informed him that he would take over more responsibility for Juno’s operation once Leitman became Secretary-General of the Compact.

Appearances: Storming Amargosa