Lieutenant Tarak

Lieutenant Tarak was an officer aboard the Ban Ki-moon when it fell from orbit above Amargosa. On torpedo duty, he escaped in a lifepod that crashed in Edoras, damaging his hip. He questioned JT Austin and Eric Yuwono when Suicide sent them to Edoras. At the time, he had taken command of the growing resistance cell there.

When he realized who JT was, he informed the boy how much he admired his father, Quentin Austin for placing his ship in the line of fire to let the remaining task force escape. He showed the boys the burned out Gelt settlements in the valley below the mountain peak. The resistance attacked and burned the dome-like dwellings, showing no quarter, using improvised gliders to attack at night. Tarak noted the Gelt did not like to fight at night or in the mountains. He then worked with Austin and Yuwono to find a back entrance into the abandoned mine inside the mountain, including the path down to the Edoras Transit Center.

While in the Transit Center, he briefed Suicide on what happened. She agreed to bring back whatever equipment she could from the Ban Ki-moon. Her team would blow the west tunnel, keeping Gelt from Lansdorp and environs from seizing the Transit Center.

Despite his deteriorating hip, he became de facto commander of the resistance in the Misty Mountains. His cell sheltered Davra Andraste after her escape from the Gelt colony transport. They also accepted Laral Peteesh as a prisoner. Tarak offered to have Peteesh killed when Davra was summoned back to the Founders’ Mine, but Davra declined.

Appearances: Second WaveStorming Amargosa