Lieutenant Straker

Lieutenant Straker (died 429 IE) was a Marine officer on Amargosa during the Gelt Incursion. He shepherded Davra Andraste to an evacuation convoy after she had been rescued by Eric Yuwono.

Later, after Yuwonon and Andraste were rescued from insurgents and taken aboard a hover tram, Straker executed the insurgent leader under the Compact‘s Section 11.

At Edoras, Straker scolded Andraste for abandoning the hover tram for the maglev. However, he expressed surprise when she revealed she and the others had dismantled a Gelt battle wagon, including heat dish, and stowed it aboard the maglev. Davra showed him the alien vehicle and explained how they dismantled it, Colonel Jovann assigned him to take Davra, Duffy, and Nardino (Yuwono recuperating in the makeshift hospital in Edoras) to take the maglev east to round up resistance fighters.

The maglev came under attack from insurgents, but after Andraste and the others distracted the attackers, he was able to take them prisoner. However, before they could clear the tracks, they came under attack again, this time by Gelt. The captured insurgents volunteered to lead the charge while clearing the tracks. Half the defectors were wiped out by heat ray blasts, but it gave time for Straker’s troops to line up shots. Unfortunately, Straker himself fell to a heat ray blast.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa