Koch Medical Center

Koch Medical Center was once the largest of three hospitals in BennavilleWalton. By 432 IE, the other two had either been destroyed or abandoned to squatters. Koch remained the only functioning hospital outside of Samueltown. It had also been taken over by Juno, which controlled the surrounding District 19.

Juno had placed audreys around the building as a defense perimeter augmented by local soldiers. However, when a team led by Suicide made a frontal assault, the plan backfired. The Compact team drew first blood, prompting the audreys to eat one of the Juno-hired soldiers. Continued violence strirred the plants into a feeding frenzy, and they ate the rest of the responding soldiers. Suicide’s team disable enough audreys to allow themselves into the building. Taking a hostage, they made their way to the floor where Jayne Best was held. However, Jez Salamacis arrived and took the team hostage.

Appearances: Suicide Run