Kamal (died 433 IE) was a Caliphite officer aboard the Queen Maria Sophia in 433. He served as flight commander and was Gav and JT Austin‘s immediate superior.

While evacuating the Sophie, Kamal, along with pilot Stephanie Mercado and First Officer Patty Friese, now in nominal command of the ship, reached a Falcon and used its weaponry to cover the escape for JT and his party. However, like the royal party, they became trapped as Vernis, the terrorist seizing the ship, gained partial control and rotated the Sophie so they could witness the destruction of the Marcus Aurelius.

With Friese and Mercado, he helped rig spider drones to deliver Gelt stun grenades to disable the mechs. When Chief Engineer Peddig jettisoned the EM drive reactor, they followed the CJC-1967 as it escaped. However, Vernis’s ship remained active and destroyed their Falcon, killing Kamal, Mercado, and Friese.


Appearances: Checkmate