Homo Virtualis

Homo virtualis was one of three off-shoots of Homo sapiens. Unlike Homo Amortalis (permanently rejuvenated Sapiens) or Homo SyntheticusHomo virtualis did not exist in physical form. It involved a human becoming an AI entity. In one case, Persephone, who helped John Farno survive on Farigha, the entity evolved from a personality overlay on a rover’s AI, gradually absorbing so many systems that she became a fully realized human. She could appear and interact in holographic form.

Homo virtualis emerged quietly as humans, including the first AI humans, feared a repeat of the AI War at the end of the World War Era. However, the species was also seen as a necessary option to allow humans to switch seamlessly between species.

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised LandThe Amortals