Homo Amortalis

Homo Amortalis was one of three human species directly evolved from Homo sapiens. The first members of this species had the Orag treatment to induce amortality. Homo amortalis essentially was Sapiens treated to be permanently rejuvenated and could genetically pass that along to any offspring.

The Thulians were the first group of this species. They intended to seed the galaxy by having amortal humans mate with the rest of the population to spread the genetic code for it. As this happened, they would offer amortality therapy to the remaining earlier generations, most of whom periodically rejuvenated already.

Tol Germanicus coined the phrase to describe three new species of humans he envisioned. Homo Virtualis was humans who had become artificial intelligences and thus could avoid the mistakes of the entity known as Steven Turing. Homo Syntheticus involved transferring consciousness into an artificial construct, essentially an android.

Appearances: The Amortals